Procedures for Participants

Those working with Pennsylvania counties, cities, or towns on developing GHG emissions reduction plans and strategies who seek technical support should contact Donald Brown, Widener University Commonwealth Law School at who will determine the availability of technical support from:(1) participating colleges and universities, (2) individual training on how to develop a GHG emissions reduction plan and strategies, or (3) through on-line support. The program will strive to obtain direct technical support or training for as many local government stakeholder groups as possible.

The program encourages our cosponsoring organizations and interested Pennsylvania organizations and citizens to appeal to Pennsylvania county and local governments to create a process or stakeholder group to determine what can be done to reduce GHG emissions from within the jurisdiction of the local government. The program will assist those who are willing to approach Pennsylvania local governments to request that they form a group to consider developing GHG emissions reduction strategies with recommendations on how to initiate a climate change action plan while learning from other local governments around the world that have adopted reduction plans that have often saved money, created jobs, and improved the quality of life while at the same time helped reduce the enormous threat of human-induced climate change to Pennsylvania and the world.