The All Hands on Deck: Going to Zero Campaign is a project of the Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium (PERC), an organization of Pennsylvania colleges and universities working on sustainability issues, and the following cosponsoring individuals and organizations that seek to ensure that all levels of Pennsylvania  government and public and private organizations adopt strategies to reduce their GHG to levels necessary to prevent dangerous climate change. Cosponsoring  entities include:

    • Joseph Torsella, Pennsylvania State Treasurer,
    • Center for Environmental Ethics and Law,
    • Citizens Climate Lobby, Harrisburg Chapter,
    • International Joint Policy Committee of the Societies for Epidemiology,
    • Pennsylvania Fractracker Alliance,
    • Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light,
    • Penn Future,
    • Pennsylvania Sierra Club,
    • Pennsylvania Watersheds,
    • Physicians For Social Responsibility, Pa Chapter                                                                                                                                                                                    

This program will provide technical support for those working with local governments on reducing GHG emissions either through support from participating colleges and universities, through training on how local governments develop GHG emissions reduction strategies, or through on-line technical support.  Although the program encourages all local governments to reduce GHG emissions to their fair share of safe global GHG emissions, all local governments are encouraged to reduce GHG emissions to levels that make economic sense for them mindful that many local governments around the world that have established GHG reduction commitments are reporting that they are saving money, improving the quality of life, and creating jobs.

For more information on how to become engaged in the program: See  Procedures for Participants.  

For goals and objectives of the program, see mission and objectives.

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